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COVID-19 News

UPDATE:  MAY 29th, 2020




Potter's Place will open on June 1st for Maine residents as well as out-of-state campers.  All returning to or entering Maine are still required to meet the 14 day quarantine requirements.


What does this mean to you?


* This does not mean that you must remain in Maine for 14 days.


    It does mean that you must self-quarantine (self-isolate) during your stay if that is 1 to 14 days.


    *  You must have all provisions for that 1 to 14 day stay so that you do not leave the campground.


    *  If your stay is to be 15 days or more you must observe and meet that 14 day requirement.


All information below remains in effect


*    Reservations are required  


   *    All camping units must be self contained (no tenting will be allowed).


   *   Only Seasonals and registered Campers are allowed. 


   *   NO Day Visitors or Overnight Guests are allow on the grounds


   *   No lounge, rec-hall, pool, or bath-houses will be open.


   *   No gatherings large than 10 people is allowed.


   *   Social distancing must be observed. 




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