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I do not have seasonal sites available for the 2024 season.  


The perfered methods for submittal of any reservation request for short or extended stays is by completing and submitting the form found under the Reservation Tab on this webpage or direct email to camppottersplace@metrocast.net.  I will respond as quickly as I can.


Progress update:


May 5th, 2024.  We have accomplished much in the last six days.  The focus has remained to repair damage and provide a safe campground as well as water and electrical service to all. 


I have determind that opening day for seasonal campers "only" has been set for May 10th and for all others May 15th.  The sites and common areas cleaning will be an all-hands effort from seasonal campers.  I expect all who can pitch in.


Seasonal Campers may also schedule or reschedule their camper opening with an RV Service as water and electrical service are available.  You must be here provide keys to the service  or to provide keys to that service in some other way.  


If you have any question contact me by phone at (207) 457-1341 or email to camppottersplace@metrocast.net.








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