Rubbish and Recycling


Potter’s Place Rules for Disposal of Rubbish


A Dumpster is located beyond the Dump Station at the far end of the parking lot adjacent to the Campground Office Building.


This Dumpster is available only to register Campers for disposal of “Household Rubbish” generated here within your Campsite only.


Household rubbish is defined as trash generated in your camper that fits in your kitchen wastebasket.  These items include food and grocery packaging, paper products (napkins, paper towels, sanitary wipes, etc.), cans, bottles, jars, and jugs.


This does not include any boxes or packaging materials of items that you brought into the Campground without unpacking prior to your arrival here.


Pet waste bags must be used:  Feces must be collected and carried back to your site and disposed of in “YOUR” larger trash bag or a lined container.  These pet waste bags MUST NOT be left anywhere in the campground or any campground property including the woods, fields, and trails.   Doing so will result in your immediate “ejection” without refund, from the Campground.


All Household Rubbish must be bagged and tied!!


No Untied bags or Loose trash will be placed in the dumpster.


There is a couple of pigs on staff here, located in the woods to the left of the maintenance sheds.  Their heart is completely into our recycling efforts.  They are more than capable and willing to process your leftovers and unwanted food. 

You could say they has an appetite for your food scraps.


These are some items that can not be disposed of here “e.g.,” oils, paints, aerosols, toxics, chemicals, acidics, flammables automobile or deep cycle batteries, or any other waste considered as hazardous, appliances, mattresses, pillows, bedding, grills, lawn furniture, electronics, power cords, hoses, TVs, tires, wood, and metals. 

These items are your responsibility for removal from the campground.


If you have any questions regarding these policies please don’t hesitate to ask.


Updated: 1 March 2022 



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