Rubbish and Recycling


Potter’s Place Rules for Rubbish and Recycling


The Town of Lebanon requires all who use the town’s transfer station to comply with rules regarding recycling.


Barrels are provided for your use.


The metal drum is for bagged and tied household trash only Household trash is defined as trash generated in you camper that normally fits in your kitchen wastebasket.


Large or small bags may be used.


No loose trash.


Pet waste bags should be taken back to your site and disposed of in “YOUR” larger trash bag and then placed in the metal drum.  These pet waste bags MUST NOT be just dropped in the nearest receptacle for they are very difficult to retrieve from the bottom of the drum.


The plastic barrel is for comingled recyclables.  Only cans, bottles, jars, jugs, small cardboard, and small light weight and corrugated boxes. 


NO bagged Recyclables.  All items MUST be rinsed and put in the barrels loose.


Large and heavy weight boxes should be broken down and stacked next to the barrels.


There is a pig on staff here, located in the woods to the left of the maintenance sheds, whose heart is completely into our recycling efforts.  He is more than capable and willing to process your leftovers and unwanted food.  You could say he has an appetite for garbage.


There are some items that can not be disposed of here or at the town’s transfer station, e.g., paint cans or any other waste considered as hazardous.


For disposal of appliances, mattresses, and TVs you must speak with campground management and pay the appropriate disposal fee.


If you have any questions regarding these policies please don’t hesitate to ask.


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