Site Vacating Checklist for Seasonal Campers

Prior to site departure the below list check-list will be completed in its entirety by departing Seasonal Camoers and signed-off by campground owner.


Site:  _________                     Name:  __________________________________


[   ]       All items and hardware removed from trees.


[   ]       All decks and wood removed.


[   ]      All fencing, lattice work, and decorations removed.


[   ]       All tarps and carpeting removed.


[   ]       All stakes and guidelines removed.


[   ]       All blocks, bricks, or stones removed from the site. 


[   ]       All vegetable plants and flowers except perennials will be removed.


[   ]       Site free of any trash and pet waste.


[   ]       Fire place clean.


[   ]       All holes created for plantings or by pets filled.


[   ]       All firewood returned to woodshed.


[   ]       Site raked and ready for next occupant.        


[   ]       All household waste and recyclables placed in containers provided as

outlined in Campground “Rubbish and Recycling Guidelines”.  All larger items, i.e. fencing, lattice work, bricks and blocks, coolers, screen rooms, outdoor furniture, grills… removed by you.


[   ]       Checklist signed by site occupants and campground owner.



________________________            _________________________          Date: _______

            Printed name                                       Signature



          Thomas S. Potter                      _________________________          Date: _______

            Owner                                                 Signature



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