Additional Guidance for Seasonal Campers



 Potter’s Place Rules and Regulations

Additional Guidance for Seasonal Campers


In addition to “Potter’s Place Rules and Regulations” the below guidance is provided to All Seasonal Campers:


SEASONAL CONTRACT:   There is not nor has there ever been a contract for seasonal campers. Your word and payment is our contract that your actions will be in compliance with posted signage and published rules, regulations, and guidance.  Failure to do so may result, without refund, in your departure from the campground.


SEASONAL PAYMENT:  The seasonal rate allows long-term campers five and a half months of camping at a rate equal to that of (3) months.  The seasonal rate is site rent only and does not include addition charges i.e. Pump-out service, additional electric charges for use beyond the norm, Wi-Fi use, off-season storage, etc…  The seasonal rate for each upcoming year will be posted around September 1st of the current year.  “Seasonal Campers” are afforded discounts as listed below:

  1. A $200.00 discount to the base rate if payment IN-FULL is received by September 15th of the current year.  Maine Sales and Use Tax is charged on the balance.
  2. A $150.00 discount to the base rate if payment IN-FULL is received by November 15th of the current year.  Maine Sales and Use Tax is charged on the balance.
  3. Full rate plus Maine Sales and Use Tax is charged after November 15th.   This amount may be paid in one of three ways:

a.  In-Full:  full rate plus Maine Sales and Use Tax prior to the first month of the         camping season.

                   b.  (3) equal payments the during May, June, and July.

c.  Installment payments.  Installment payments toward Seasonal Payment may be      made anytime after closing however the balance MUST BE paid IN-FULL prior to May 31st.      



  1. Prepayments are fully refundable if notification is received prior to and site is available by May 1st.
  2. If site is not available by May 1st you will be charged at the daily rate without discounted days until the site is available.
  3. Payments will not be credited or transferred to another.
  4. Storage Fees will be charged for all trailers not removed from the grounds.
  5. Refunds in-part will be considered in cases of hardship and or at management’s discretion.


STORAGE:  On-site storage is available at fees indicated below:

  1. $25.00 for “off-season” storage of your primary trailer ON your site or in the storage lot.
  2. $25.00 for vehicles left in the campground during the off-season. Any vehicle left during the off-season must be moved by you for storage in the lot behind the Rec. Hall.
  3. $25.00 per month for any trailer or vehicle left in the storage lot during May through Closing.


STRUCTURES:   No structures of any type will be built or brought into the campground without (granted) permission from management.  Parameters are as follows:

  1. NO PERMANEMT STRUCTURE of any type is authorized. 
  2. SHEDS:  No more than (1) shed per site:  Limited to measurements of 6’x8’ or 7’x7’.  Must be neutral in color to fit in with the surroundings.  Must be within the constraints of your site.  Must not encroach on adjoining site or hinder another’s view.  If you want a shed, take no steps in obtaining one without speaking with management first.
  3. DECKS:  May be constructed to enhance the enjoyment and comfort of your site with approval of management.
  4. ENCLOSURES:  Only manufactured screen houses and screen rooms are allowed.  No “stick-built” deck or freestanding enclosures will be authorized.  This type of enclosure could result in certain property taxes being levied against you by the Town of Lebanon, Maine.
  5. RESPONSIBILTY FOR REMOVAL of decks and sheds lies on the current occupant of the site.  


TRAILER SALES:  Trailers owned by you may be sold by you at private sale as with any property belonging to you.  You may not however, state or imply in any way the buyer is also purchasing the right to the site that the trailer is currently on or that a seasonal spot within the campground is available or included in the sale.  If you are thinking of selling pleased speak to management to ensure all parties are clear on what can and cannot be done.


OUT-DOOR LIGHTING:  May be utilized within the constraints of your site.  No lighting will be affixed to any tree.  Lights are to be off during daylight hours and turned off prior to you turning in for the night.


TARPS:  Tarps of neutral colors (forest green, brown, or gray) may be used to help weatherproof your belongings.  Blue tarps may be used for winterization, however, they must be removed prior to opening day and may NOT BE INSTALLED until after the Columbus Day Weekend.  These blue tarps are inexpensive for a reason.  They are cheap and designed for one-time use.  They deteriorate very quickly and the shreddings end up in the woods, tangled in lawnmower blades, and get wound up in the debris loader.


END-OF-SEASON CLOSING:  Prior to the end of your camping season all necessary measures must be taken by you to ensure items belonging to you are stowed properly for the off-season.

  1. All outside furniture and decorations are stowed away in your trailer, shed, deck box, or secured on your deck.
  2. Any screen rooms will be dismantled down to the skeleton and fabric stowed away.
  3. All hardware will be removed from trees.
  4. All tie downs and clotheslines will be removed.
  5. Hoses will be rolled up and stowed away.
  6. All yard ornaments and solar lighting put away.
  7. All items stored under your deck or trailer are secured from any winds.
  8. No pool items were left in the pool area.

These steps are necessary to prevent damage to your property and the equipment used during the fall-cleanup effort.


VACATING:  Historically, seasonal campers opting to not remain seasonal tenants here at Potter’s Place have treated the campground and ownership with the same high respect that they received while they were here.  These campers left sites as good, if not even better than, as when they moved onto them.  An extremely small percentage of departing long-term campers, however, did not show the same amount of pride.  These circumstances have driven the need to draft a “Site Vacating Checklist.”  This checklist will be provided to all vacating seasonal campers as to ensure complete understanding of what is expected of the vacating party by campground management.  Once all necessary steps have been taken to ensure the site is ready for the next tenant, the vacating tenants and campground management will walk the site together to ensure that the site is ready for the next camper.  The “Site Vacating Checklist” will be signed by both the tenant and a member of management, a copy will be provided to the tenant, and a copy retained on file.

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