Rules and Regulations


Potter’s Place Rules and Regulations



No Children



The following rules are intended to provide a safe and relaxing camping experience for you as well as to protect the privacy and serenity of yourself and others.


NO CHILDREN ALLOWED:  None, EVER… beyond the visitors’ parking lot nearest the office.  The campground will not accept liability of any underage consumption of alcohol and therefore states the no one under the age of 21 is allowed.  Consideration and exception to this rule is given only by the owner.  Proof of age may be required.




MARIJUANA:  Smoking of marijuana for recreatioanl use within the campground or on any campground property is "Not Allowed."


REGISTRATION:  All campers, visitors, and guests must register at the office upon arrival and prior to entering the campground, per Maine State Law.  All fees must be paid in advance.  YOUR “REGISTRATION” IS AFFIRMATION THAT YOU, YOUR VISITORS, AND ANY OVERNIGHT GUEST WILL COMPLY WITH ALL “POTTER’S PLACE RULES AND REGULATIONS.” Non-compliance of these rules could result, without refund, in your early departure from the campground.


RATES:  All rates are based on (2) adults and no more the (2) pets per unit.  Limit of (4) persons in one unit per site.  The posted fee (Sales Tax included) will apply for each additional camper or overnight guest.  There is no charge for day guests, however these guests must depart the grounds prior to 10:00 pm or pay as overnight guests.


CHECK-IN/OUT TIME:  Established check-in time is between 1:00pm and 8:00pm.  Check-out time is 3:00pm daily (5:00pm, Sundays).  Earlier check-in and later check-out times may be considered depending on situation and upcoming site reservations.


BUILDINGS:  Rec. Hall, Game Room, and Bathhouses are for your use 24 hours a day.  Be respectful to others.  No smoking or pets are allowed in any building.  Keep all areas clean.  Toilet tissue approved for septic tank use is the ONLY flushable product.  Do not flush sanitary products, baby wipes, face wipes, paper towels or anything other than toilet tissue.  Maintenance buildings, storage sheds, and the garage housed in the upper rest room building are OFF-LIMITS to all unless permission is given by the owner.


DUMP STATION AND PORTABLE SANI-STATION:  The dump station is located adjacent to the stone wall in the parking lot nearest to campground office.  There is no cost for use by registered campers.  A pump-out service is available for body waste (Black water) at the posted rate per service every Saturday during the season.  Requested pump-outs on any other day or asking for service after the sign-up list is taken for that day will be billed at a 33.30% increase of the posted rate.


Sign-up for pump-out service must be done prior to 9:00am each Saturday.  Payment will be made prior to or at time of service.  NO running a tab is allowed.


Only RV approved toilet tissue is to be used in your unit and like the bathhouses is the only flushable product.  The use of only formaldehyde free deodorize and digester waste treatment products is required and must be visually present during time of service.  Failure to do so may result in refusal to provide service or unwanted cost TO you.


SINK (Grey) WATER:  DHHS and CDC regulations do not permit draining of sink or bath water onto the ground or in to an open container.  Grey water removal is your responsibility and is NOT provided in the pump-out service.  Use of a portable blue tank designed for this purpose is required for containment and then emptied at the dump-station.  Again, use only non-formaldehyde waste treatment products.


PRIVACY and RESPECT:  Respect the privacy and respect the space of other campers and the owner.  Stay off others’ site unless invited.  Use roadways and designated pathways when moving through the campground.


SIGNAGE:  Observe and Obey all Signage and posted information.         


CAMPSITES:  Only (1) camping unit and (1) vehicle is permitted per site.  Each site has a picnic table and fire pit.  Site will be left in the same condition as you found it.

             1.  Fires:

a.    Allowed only in fire pits provided or pits approved by campground management.

b.    Flammable liquids can not be used to start your fire.

c.    Must be kept low and under control.

d.    Never left unattended.  Ashes never to be dumped in woods.

e.    Water (bucket or charged hose) or a fire extinguisher is required

f.    No rocks or stones will be taken off any stone walls to ring fire pits

g.   No burning of rubbish is allowed at any time.

2.  Firewood:  State of Maine Law prohibits the importation of “out-of-state” wood.  Firewood is provided at “No Charge” to registered campers, as long as demand can be met.  Firewood is for your use while you are here, not to be taken off-site.  (Use it as if you were paying for it; it costs us!) Free firewood is a privilege not a right.

3.  Woodshed:   Open from 9:00am to 8:00pm daily. Observe sign on woodshed.     

4.  Electric Usage:  Normal usage is included in the rates.  An additional charge of $2.00/per 8 hr day must be made for heating or air-conditioner use.

5.  Refrigerators:  No house-size units are permitted.


GROUNDS:  The grounds are for the use and enjoyment of all registered campers.

1.  Speed Limit:  The speed limit throughout the campground is 5 mph (strictly enforced).  For those who routinely ignore the speed limit you will be required to park in the lot adjacent to the office and preceed to your site in a different manner.   During dry or dusty conditions please, drive more slowly.  This applies to all motorized vehicles.

2.  Vehicles:  No more than (2) vehicles per site may be on the grounds.

a. Only (1) car per site, on your site, off the road, and not on any lawn. It may be possible for parking of a 2nd vehicle on site with managers approval and the same restrictions are met.

b. Visitor parking and second vehicle parking is available adjacent to the office and lower restroom. Second vehicle parking is temporary.  If Seasonal campers depart the grounds for more then (2) days the second vehicle will be moved to thier site or from the grounds. 

c. There is absolutely no parking or driving on any lawn with any motorized vehicle.

3.  Motorcycles and ATVs:  Joyriding within the campground is “NOT ALLOWED.  Motorcycles are allowed only for travel through the campground to and from your site.  .  Currently, ATVs are allowed for travel through the campground to access our trails and the Maine State trail system.  Tread lightly as these vehicles have aggressive tires that damage roads and trails, especially when tight turns are made.”  NO MINI BIKES, GO-Carts, or 2-STOKE ATVs are allowed.  No motorized vehicles of any type are allowed on the property beyond the dam. Trails on the beachside of the dam may be used for hiking and cycling only.  All motorcycles and ATVs must be registered and insured.

4.  Golf Carts:  Are permitted for travel from one point to another within the campground only.  for fees and additional information refer to "Additional Guidance for Seasonal Campers."

4.  Trees and shrubs… are property of the campground.  No disfiguring (including nails

and other hardware), cutting, girdling with rope, or removal is allowed.

5.  Rubbish and Recyclables:  Dispose of campsite generated household rubbish only in barrels provided. Guidelines are laid out in the “Potter’s Place Recycles” letter.  Household rubbish is defined as trash generated in your camper that normally fits in your kitchen wastebasket.  Appliances, TVs, computers, grills, furniture, etc… are not considered household trash and their disposal is your responsibility.  Household trash will be in tied trash bags and placed in the large steel drums.  Cans, bottles, jars, and jugs (only) MUST be rinsed and placed (clean and unbagged) in the green plastic recycling barrels. 



1.   Pets:  Limit of (2), “ALL” pets MUST be leashed and may not be left unattended.

a.   “ALL” pet waste must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of as described in “Potter’s Place Recycles.”

b.   Pets are not allowed in any building or in the community picnic and pool areas.

c.   Pets may be exercised off-leash on the lawn on the far side of the pond.  Owner must have complete control if dog is exercised off-leash.

d.   Any nuisance pets (excessive barking, aggression, failure to police feces, wandering cats, etc…) will not be allowed on the grounds.

2.   Day Visitors:  CHILDREN are NOT ALLOWED.

            a.   Vehicles are to remain in parking lot adjacent to the office.

            b.   There is no fee charged for day visitors.

            c.   Day visitors must depart the campground prior to 10:00pm.

            d.   Day visitors may not use the pool.      

3.   Quiet hours:  Although, there is no curfew, 11:00pm UNTIL 9:00am is the         

      established “quiet time.”  NO EXCESSIVE NOISE at any time.

4.   Alcohol:  To be consumed on site and is not permitted in the Rec Hall.  (The annual end of season Diehard Dinner is the only exception to this rule.)

5.   Swimming:  There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at either the pool or the pond.

      Swimming is done at your own risk.

a.    Pool:  Pool hours are 9:00am until dusk.  NO food or beverages in glass

       containers, pets, or smoking is allowed in the pool area.  NO horseplay or

       running in the pool area and NO DIVING is permitted.

1.)    Pool items.  Although allowed, may not prevent another from enjoying      the pool.  All pool items will leave the pool area with you each day. 

b.   Pond:  The pond may be used for swimming as well as for kayaks, canoes, and small boats.  No motors (gas or electric) may be used.  




We hope that you enjoy your stay and thank you for choosing Potter’s Place Adult RV Park.


Rules are subject to change without prior notification.  The owners/management of Potter’s Place LLC. dba Potter’s Place Adult RV Park absolve themselves from any and all liability pertaining to injury, loss, theft, property damage, or accident caused by anyone (other than campground management) or for failure to obey “Potter’s Place Rules and Regulations.”




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